Next Generation Intel Xeon Dedicated Web Servers
for Business and eCommerce with 100% network uptime
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CMS Live are
Managed Hosting Specialists


CMS Live offer your Business Super Fast Managed Website Hosting for website with a 100% guaranteed network uptime.
Your website will be hosted on our own VPS, Cloud or Dedicated servers depending on your website requirements. We can also advise and setup hosting on Amazon Web Services (AWS) scalable hosting, should your application require it.

Secure managed hosting: 3 words that say it all.

Every week there are new security threats on the web. And week in, week out, we block thousands of attacks against our clients’ servers, such as: SQL injection, WordPress brute force, FTP brute force, Shellshock attack.

Security is paramount. We detect and prevent intrusion, we actively manage the firewall and make sure security is updated. We live and breathe security.

Security of your back-up is just as important. We plan for the worst, which is why it is protected on a different network, so you can restore with ease.


Stone Oak Nelson website hosting by CMS Live Web Specialists

Barnfield Construction Pendle website hosting by CMS Live Web Specialists

NWTC Colne website hosting by CMS Live Web Specialists

Macadam Colne website hosting by CMS Live Web Specialists
HAPPA Burnley website hosting by CMS Live Web Specialists

Pendle Slot Racing Nelson website hosting by CMS Live Web Specialists

Scruples Menswear Barrowford website hosting by CMS Live Web Specialists

RTB Rossendale website hosting by CMS Live Web Specialists

Managed Hosting Services.

Wordpress Hosting

The best hassle-free, fully managed Wordpress hosting platform.

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Magento Hosting

Fast, reliable, secure Magento Web Hosting on managed dedicated servers.

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Sellerdeck Hosting

Web Hosting, configured to be compatible with the latest PHP and MySQL

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DELL poweredge

Rack Server Hardware

We operate Dell PowerEdge R230 or R630 Next Generation Enterprise-Ready rack servers with the latest specification Intel Xeon E3-1230 v5 Quad Core OR E5-2620v2 Hex Core processors.

SSD as Standard : all of our servers are built with solid state drives (SSDs) in RAID1 configuration as standard giving exceptional performance, even under high load.



All our Dedicated Servers are now installed with the latest build of Centos 7, the Enterprise Grade Linux Operating System.

We then include our own custom build installation to include additional components such as: Apache 2.4 or NginX, MariaDB or MySQL, PHP 7.3 / 7.4 / 8, all supporting HTTP2 protocol.

CentOS Linux 7.9.2009

Enterprise class Linux operating system.

Apache 2.4

The worlds most secure, fast and reliable Web Server

Nginx & FMP or Fast CGI

NGINX is an ultra fast web server alternative to Apache but can also be combined with.

Maria DB 10.5.8

The latest opensource alternative to MySQL

php 8

We can support legacy PHP such as 7.3 and 7.4.

http/2 with TLS 1.3

A Rated SSL Certificates

SuperFast 10Gb/s


CMS Live Dedicated Web Servers are located in UK based, state of the art ISO-accredited Data Centres with multi-10Gb network multi-homing, which delivers a fast and fail-safe route to the Internet.
The Data Centres we use are connected to multiple transit and peering connections and can therefore guarantee both 100% network uptime and high-performance.

Fully Managed

WEB Hosting

  • CMS Live offer a fully managed Web Hosting service to give complete piece of mind, complete with 100% Network uptime SLA guarantee.
  • We can also offer technical support and web design services for your web application or content management system.