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We specialise in Linux server administration and can really performance tune your web hosting system to give you the best possible solution. We have the skills in house to perform full Linux OS rebuilds which gives us full control over our servers and how they operate.

so what exactly

is managed hosting?

Managed hosting means that we manage your web server and application together, to ensure you have complete piece of mind and the perfect solution for your website or ecommerce website. We take great care of our servers, but should the unthinkable happen and something goes wrong then our managed service means that you can ring us and talk to us directly, not a call centre, and we can talk you though the issues personally.

Remove Query Strings

Leverage browser caching

Specify Cache Validator

Specify a Vary: Accept-encoding

Increased security

high performance

Server Monitoring

local support


We are now utilising Nginx Fast Process Manager FPM as a front end web server which serves all static content, this then leaves Apache or PHP-FPM Fast-CGI to serve dynamic content. If your application supports PHP5.5 onwards we can also offer PHP Opcache as a performance PHP caching mechanism to help speed up your website and reduce overall server load.



Under-specified hardware can lead to a poor performing store – and ultimately a loss of revenue as a result. Over specified hardware comes at a higher operational cost.

Our experienced team are here to assist you to ensure that you are given the most appropriate infrastructure for your website. We will talk with you to discuss the current size and requirements of your business and what your anticipated growth will be; then submit an accurate recommendation of the best platform.

Customer Support

We have over 17 years experience in hosting, designing and developing websites. The chances are we have experienced your problem before and we will know how to fix it! And if we don’t, we will help you find a solution.

We are driven by our clients satisfaction and are passionate about website design, website development and website functionality.

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CMS Live offer a fully managed Web Hosting service to give complete piece of mind, complete with 100% Network SLA guarantee.


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